Quotes and percentages

The prices on the pages are green when the price is higher than 24 hours ago and red when lower. An exception are the blocks with bid and ask prices on the Bitcoin and Litecoin pages. For visibility reasons the latest quote will have a color based on the previous trade. The color is white when the price is the same as 10 seconds ago or 1 minute ago depending on settings.
Note that the percentages can change while the price stays the same because the percentages are calculated based on the price exactly 24 hours ago. In settings (link on the right top of the page) you can select which type of quotes to show on top of the page.
RV-BTC is the RV index, BS-BTC is Bitstamp.


The arrows next to the quotes indicate a higher or lower price than the previous one. The list of arrows gives an indication of the trading trend. The right arrow is the latest trend. When watching the trend you will see the list of arrows move left as they are supplemented on the right with the latest trend. A dash means there was no price change since the last trade.


The hour charts are updated every 10 seconds and the 24 hour charts every minute. In settings you can choose if you want the charts in USD or EUR. The Bitcoin charts have a grey background, the Litecoin charts a blue background and the BTC/LTC charts a green background. The listed time on the charts is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).


In settings the preferred currency can be set. The charts however are only available in USD or EUR.
The exchange rates between the USD, EURO and about 90 other currencies are updated every 12 hours.
Data is supplied by

Data collection

The data from the Bitcoin exchanges are collected every 10 seconds and from the Litecoin exchanges every minute. When you have set the refresh rate to 10 seconds the maximum delay to see he latest price is 20 seconds. (eg. Your refresh counter is at 10 seconds, at 0 seconds your data gets updated with data from the server which might be collecting data at the same time.) Note that this also depends on how fast the exchanges update their API data. All the data is stored in USD.


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RV index

The RV index is compiled from 3 different exchanges and is updated every 10 seconds. The volume listed is the total volume of these exchanges in the past 24 hours. The RV index uses the next exchanges : 41% Bitstamp, 39% Btce and 20% Okcoin. This is based on volume, location and credibility. There is an API with the RV index. (

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